Noteworthy Articles: April Showers Edition

Noteworthy Articles April Showers Edition

Are you already sick of my word play on “April showers” yet? Sorry about that! If Chicagoland would just stop raining, I wouldn’t have rain on my mind. In fact, it’s pouring as I write this post! It probably also doesn’t help that I LOVE dreary, rainy days. I embrace my introversion tendencies, what can I say?

This week I wanted to share with you a few noteworthy articles I came across that hit home for me. In a perfect world, all of these articles would have been written this week. However, the world and my life are both far from perfect. Instead, these articles I have been sitting in my Pocket queue just waiting for me to get around to reading them.

I hope you find at least one of my “noteworthy articles” of interest! So without further ado…

The gaslighting of the Millennial generation

Are you a Millennial who is tired of being accused of lazy and entitled behavior? Or perhaps are you of a different generation and love to put those Millennials down?

Either way, I think this article, written in October 2016 by the Born Again Minimalist, offers an insightful perspective on the way the Millennial generation is perceived versus what they actually are. The author brings up relevant anecdotal evidence, as well as interesting statistical information. She also tackles the dark shadow surrounding this generation’s battle with mental health and college debt. Finally, her conclusion is something that I have always believed, and I was delighted to discover that someone else felt the same way.

An introvert’s guide to job hunting

In case you didn’t catch it the other million times I’ve mentioned it, I’m both an introvert and currently engaged in the uphill battle otherwise known as job hunting. It’s great when things find you right when you need them!

While Business Insider’s article does outline a few steps to help introverts prepare and be confident in job interviews (to be honest, their suggestions were very obvious and things most people should do anyway), I found the last step most helpful.

Step five suggestions several questions that introverts should ask in an interview that will directly affect how well they will perform if hired, i.e. the work environment. It’s incredibly important to know what the office atmosphere and set-up are like if you are a highly sensitive person or get distracted easily. Additionally, for someone like me who has a lot of opinions on team meetings and colleague communication methods, knowing how a company runs in this way is vital to making a mutually beneficial employment decision.

Why women are tired: the price of unpaid emotional labor

Christine Hutchison, magazine editor and therapist, explains the concept of emotional labor and how it affects the quality of life for women. Even though Hutchison targets her explanation towards females, it is also a great read for anyone who identifies as empathetic (or as an INFJ!).  Being someone’s emotional support both at home and in the workplace takes an unexpectedly high toll.

I have realized that I experience this more often than I would like. In previous jobs, I have been the colleague that everyone on my team comes to seeking advice or as a sounding board for their problems, both professional and personal. I am also the unofficial therapist for several of my friends. While I love being there for the people I care about, it does take a lot out of me. It’s also why I cherish time alone and fight tooth and nail to lock myself in my room on occasion.

If you find yourself as the one who needs the emotional support, it’s beneficial to be aware of the way you’re affecting the person you rely on. These types of relationships need to go both ways!

Why baking is good for your mental health

Did you need a “scientific” reason to not feel guilty about baking? HERE YOU GO! Margaret Eby of Extra Crispy notes the psychological benefits of baking and compares it to meditation and as a way to relieve stress.

While baking is something that does not come naturally to me, I have found that zoning out during cooking helps quiet my mind. I can attest that it does help me feel more present and less chaotic. Plus, it helps me spend less money on take-out!

“‘The Mindy Project’ showed us that successful women aren’t one-dimensional

“The Mindy Project” is one of my favorite shows of all time, and Mindy Kaling is one of my professional heroes. Therefore, the news that the upcoming sixth season of her show would be the last was devastating.

I enjoyed this article because Kate Villa of Hello Giggles has put into words exactly why this show speaks to so many women. Being successful doesn’t mean perfection or that you have to meet unrealistic societal expectations. Successful women CAN be just as complex as our lives have led us to be. There is no one “right” way to find personal and career happiness.

Did you read a noteworthy article this week or have some thoughts about the ones I have mentioned? Please share in the comments below! 

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