You Are My Summer, a playlist

Image of pineapple with sunglasses by Elena Cordery on Unsplash. Text of "You Are My Summer"

Is that summer weather I’m feeling?!

Memorial Day is quickly approaching,  and my plans include dying my hair and visiting family in Michigan. This time of year is also when I update my summer playlist so that I’m ready to jam out on the boat in the #PureMichigan sunshine.

Rocking out on road trips, eating popsicles, and laughing around bonfires are some of my favorite summer memories, all of which wouldn’t be the same without a soundtrack. You Are My Summer is inspired by songs past and present that raised my friends and me over the years.

Some of my favorites include, “You Are My Summer” by La+ch, Shut Up and Dance by WALK THE MOON, Perfect Color by SafetySuit, and The Chainsmokers new album!

This playlist is a work in progress! What are your favorite summer jams I need to add?

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