QOTD: Alternate universes and my desire to relax

Hooray – it’s finally Saturday!

Well, I’m sure most of you feel this way. For me, I’m torn between my previous routine of allowing myself to relax on the weekends after working like crazy all week and my new life in limbo of job hunting in a new city where the only person I actually know is my roommate.

The last four months of 2016 had me running around like crazy between work and grad school and caused me to become so emotionally exhausted that I had no idea how I was still functioning, let alone putting together full sentences. Needless to say, I was certainly looking forward to the downtime I had coming for the winter holidays and my big move to Chicago. However, it’s now February and that driven part of me is starting to get very ANTSY.

As any of you who have gone through a career change or are seeking out your first job after college knows, job hunting is not an enjoyable activity. Some days I feel like it’s just as emotionally exhausting as actually having a job. I knew going into this that it might be awhile until I found something new. In fact, I was expecting this to happen as making an industry AND career change at the same time is not an easy task. However, the rejection is really starting to get to me. In order to distract my mind and pep myself back up after a particularly disappointing day, I turn to my books…as always.

It’s from one of these books that I want to share a quote that had my inner skeptic practically in stitches. Finding this unexpected piece of humor made my day, and I hope someone else out there enjoys it too.Enjoy your weekend and don’t be afraid to relax!

Enjoy your weekend and don’t be afraid to relax!

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