Lovely Links to Watch: March 2017 Edition

Lovely Links to Watch: March 2017 Edition

It’s mid-March and almost springtime! I cannot believe how fast this year is flying by. However, I do kind of love how close my birthday is getting with every passing day. As any young person with access to wifi, I spend quite a bit of time (too much time, perhaps? nah…) browsing the Internet and catching up on my favorite sites. Therefore, this post is dedicated to the lovely links I keep permanently in the queue.

Lovely Links #1

Oh So Sensitive: Thrival Skills for Highly Sensitive Introverts is one of my absolute favorite blogs. I have previously mentioned that I identify as an introvert and have even written about how we excel in the workplace. This blog is run by introverted Swedish entrepreneur Louise. She tackles the topic of introversion from several different angles — creativity, entrepreneurship, careers, writing, self-care, etc. One of my favorite features is her interview series. She even just released a book she wrote about

One of my favorite features is her interview series. She even just released a book she wrote about how to create your dream job! I, of course, pre-ordered it and look forward to reading. If you’re an introvert, are highly-sensitive, or are just interested in changing your career, her blog is at the top of my recommendation list!

Lovely Links #2

Desi Does Pizza is the new passion project started by up-and-coming pizza journalist Desi (aka my roommate). After a lifetime of loving pizza to the extreme, she has decided to share all of her pizza gossip with the Internet at large. If you live in the Chicago area, check out her page for the inside “slice” on all of the best places to eat pizza. If looking at mouthwatering photos of pizza and melty cheese is more your style, follow her on Instagram!

Lovely Links #3

Jaye Wells is one of my favorite urban fantasy authors and has been ever since I picked up the first book of her Sabina Kane series. Not only do I greatly enjoy her work, but I also love her passion for writing and her willingness to help other aspiring writers. She does this through several different ways:

  1. Her YouTube channel is filled with monthly videos on the craft of writing. Each video takes on a different writing topic as she divulges her writing tips and things she has learned over the years.
  2. If you prefer blog posts over video, she collects her Craft Thursday blog posts on the Writing Craft resources page of her website. These blog posts cover more writing tips and explore the life of a writer in greater detail.

Even if you aren’t a fan of urban fantasy or are a writer who doesn’t want to write in that genre, Jaye Wells’ experience and advice are not to be ignored.

Lovely Links #4

I have this insane obsession with watching muted videos of people making delicious food. I could never in my wildest dreams call myself a cook, as I get too impatient almost immediately. However, the recipes I have come across on BuzzFeed’s Tasty have spurred me into action several times with moderately successful outcomes. You can browse these addicting videos on both FacebookInstagram, and probably a bunch of other places.

I’m always looking for more fun and inspiring things online. Please share your favorite lovely links below! #SharingIsCaring 🙂 

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