QOTD: Work hard and read Mindy Kaling’s ‘Why Not Me’

Mindy Kaling Quote - Why Not Me

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m in that limbo state of uncertainty that comes with searching for a new job in a new city. I often get asked by well-meaning family members and friends what it is exactly that I do all day. When this happens, I often hesitate for a few seconds trying to figure out what to tell them. Because to be honest with you, some days I’m more motivated than others and don’t work hard enough.

At least a few times a week I go through job posting sites and apply to any jobs that even remotely resemble the field I hope to be in. However, as I’m sure anyone who has recently been on the job hunt knows, brand new jobs that fit your requirements are not posted every day. Therefore, I do have days “off” where I do personal projects or spend all day watching reruns of Behind Bars: Rookie Year with Desi. Which activities I do on my “off” days all depend on my state of mind. On bright and sunny days when I feel positive, I work hard to write (blog or writing exercises) and watch professional development videos in digital marketing. On the dark and cloudy days…both in actuality and mentally…I tend to fill my days with watercolor hand lettering practice and binge watching the first season of ITV’s Victoria...again.

Mindy Kaling Quote - Work HardIt was on one of these dark and cloudy nights that I picked up Mindy Kaling’s Why Not Me, which has been sitting on my shelf for quite some time waiting for me to read. I’m not sure why it has taken me so long to get to it, but maybe it was because the universe was waiting for the right time to give me a push in the right direction. I started reading it around midnight and read straight through until I finished. I was then so hyped up that I stayed up until after 6 a.m. thinking about how I needed to work hard to get my life together.

In addition to being a huge fan of her books and The Mindy Project, I also admire Mindy Kaling as a professional kicking butt in all aspects of her industry. When I finished the book, I realized that even though I started off strong in applying to jobs and actively trying to improve my professional skills, self-doubt and the weight of rejection has really gotten to me. I can tell because I have a “Year in Pixels” in my bullet journal, and my green days are becoming more and more frequent.

The quote I have chosen to feature this week comes from one of her essays about how to feel confident in your career, as well as in life. It struck me the moment I read it, as it reminded me that confidence comes when you work hard. I’ve always prided myself on my dedication to my work, no matter if it’s personal or professional. I think I just needed a firm, but friendly reminder from my imaginary mentor Mindy Kaling. No one else is going to help me in this. I need to put in the hard work and let that take me on my journey.

Is anyone else out there going through the same thing? I’d love to hear about your experiences and am happy to be a sounding board for your job hunting frustrations. Please comment below! 


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