QOTD: It must be love when you get bored when they’re on the loo

#danikate QOTD - Steve, "Him & Her"

My love of British television seems to know no bounds. While my sister was interning in Ireland a few years ago, she happened across a show called Him & Her on BBC Three. After just a few episodes, I was thoroughly hooked.

Unlike your typical comedy, the entire show (except for the final season/series) takes place in Becky and Steve’s apartment. The comings and goings of their neighbor, friends, and family keep the audience entertained, as the couple is seemingly constantly interrupted. You fall in love with their dynamic and feel the pain when Becky’s sister Laura barges in yet again.

Every once in awhile I like to rewatch the series and fall in love with their love all over again. Which leads me to this week’s QOTD…

Steve doesn’t always know the right thing to say to get Becky to forgive him. However, when his back is against the wall and he’s desperately afraid that she’s going to leave him, he pulls together that grand gesture moment along with the best of them.

Today it’s our first anniversary, but it feels like our 50th. The world began when we met. It’s like we’ve spent our whole lives in bed and getting interrupted by Dan and Laura. Everything else in the world is so boring except for you. I get bored when you’re on the loo. We’re the same person. You’re as different from me as one of my arms is or one of my thoughts is. When I first met you, I didn’t think it was possible to love someone more. Now every day I find that it is. The days go by so quickly and we grow up and our lives change, but the one certain thing in all of it is that I’ll always be with you.”

It’s the look on his face and the tears in his voice that make even the most cold-hearted of us (ahem…. ME) tear up and beg Becky to forgive him. To see what I mean, my friends in the UK can watch the series on Netflix UK. My US friends can catch the whole series with a Hulu subscription!

If you’ve seen Him & Her or just love love, tell me what you think in the comments below! 

#danikate QOTD - Steve, "Him & Her"

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