Love Songs That Don't Suck

Love Songs That Don’t Suck

Happy Valentine’s Day, my lovely friends! As a single girl in a big city, I’m not the biggest fan of this holiday. To be honest, the fictional love found in my favorite books is plenty to get me by. Besides, Leslie Knope’s Galentine’s Day is much more my style if you ask me! However, I do love music — so instead of a sappy post about love, I curated a little playlist for you all. One that includes songs for all types of love: Love songs that don’t suck…For lovers and friends..For both love found and love lost.  I tried to put …Keep Reading

How to not get overwhelmed living alone

How to NOT get overwhelmed living alone

To those of you who have never lived on your own or are gearing up to move out and have some reservations, fear not! I’ve compiled a quick list of helpful advice to help combat the prospect of becoming overwhelmed. (Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that I am in no way insisting that everyone must do these things to succeed. These are just some tips that have worked for me over the last few years.) So, without further ado (and yes, it’s “ado” not “adieu.” I checked on my favorite grammar resource Grammar Girl!)… Keep up on your chores so they …Keep Reading